Climate Resilient Kootenay Businesses

Ready to take climate action in your business? Community Futures is has just launched Climate Resilient Kootenay Businesses, a new program designed to bring green economy business support and education to the Central Kootenay region.

This program is delivered by Synergy Foundation under their BC Green Business program, a certification that works one-on-one with businesses to identify affordable and practical ways to reduce environmental impact and enhance social initiatives. Businesses in the Central Kootenay region will also have the opportunity to get certified by BC Green Business for free. There is funding for up to 15 businesses to join BC Green Business. Businesses will have the option to complete a virtual or in-person site visit, with in-person site visits tentatively scheduled for the end of May or early June.

Green Business Webinar Series

Join BC Green Business and Community Futures Central Kootenay for the free three-part Climate Resilient Kootenay Businesses webinar series.

Introduction to the Circular Economy
Online: February 22 at 12-1 PM
Learn what the circular economy is and how implementing circular principles into your operations can be great for the planet, community, and your bottom line.

Climate Action 101
Online: March 14 at 12-1 PM
Discover the basics of climate action and how businesses can design and implement decarbonization strategies.

Taking Action in Your Business
Online: April 18 at 12-1 PM
Explore practical and affordable ways to reduce your business’ environmental impact and enhance your social initiatives.

Register now for the webinars at and head to to begin your sustainability journey.

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